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I'm eager to show you my big natural breasts and my hairy pussy. There are thousands of amateur porn girls found all over the internet that are as eager as I am to let you see my naked little body and cute face.  So why am I different from the rest? Why should you choose my website?

Because I take you a step further and tell you my story. Follow my blog as I write about my first sexual experiences and then becoming pregnant at age 16. A short marriage filled with love and necessity that turns to resentment and loneliness... which ends in adultery. My affairs and a couple of one night stands is all I had at one time in my life. I thrive on attention, always have. I talk about that a lot. I decided to include all the hot and juicy details and welcome your thoughts. I also talk a lot about real life and include the little things in my life that fans want to know about the young porn girl, the girl next door that they have chosen. My start into the adult modeling biz and amateur porn. The challenges of Motherhood in the biz and everything in between. If you like dirty panties, I even have something for you in that area! I will even be talking about creating my own website and the running of it. It has been a wild ride for me! I hope you decide to give me... us a try! FREE PORN doesn't take the time to chat with you! See you inside! ~Kelly

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